Waterproof Bassinet Sheet Set

All in one: Waterproof Bassinet Sheet and Mattress Pad Cover Our Waterproof Bassinet sheet is lined throughout with Eco-friendly TPU especially designed with no seams to prevent leakage, so no mattress pad cover, mattress liner or mattress protector is necessary. Clean up is a breeze and your Bassinet Sheet and your mattress is fully protected.

Soft and Breathy: 100% Jersey Cotton Our Bassinet Sheet Sets are composed of light, soft and breathable fabric. Made from 100% high quality Jersey knit cotton, babies love our Bassinet sheets, as they offer a soft, welcoming texture that lulls them into restful sleep.

Adaptable Elasticity: Fits Multiple Mattress Sizes Our exceptional product fits all standard mattresses sold for Mini Co-Sleepers and Bassinets , enabling a great fit on any sized mattresses. Our uniquely designed sheet set is equipped with flexible, generous elastic, easily covering your mattress while simultaneously offering a tight seal, enabling a great fit on multiple sized mattresses. 

  • Waterproof: Bassinet Sheet with Mattress Pad Cover Protection
  • Unisex Comfortable, Soft Material: 100% High Quality Jersey Knit Cotton in earthy taupe color ideal for baby girl or baby boy
  • Flexible Fit:Fits all standard bassinet rectangle and oval mattresses, Mini Co-Sleepers, Ideal for Mattresses Dimensions: 32x16 inches
  • Easy Clean: Machine washable, lightweight fabric
  • Superior Safety: Tight elastic band, doubly reinforced for durability and safety with TPU waterproof lining to protect your baby from any germs coming from the mattress

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