Wearable Blanket / Baby Sleep Bag I Grey Stars

Soft, Safe, Cozy Design: Ely's & Co unique, unisex baby sack cloaks your precious little one in the perfect sleep apparel. Crafted from the softest fabric, 100% natural cotton, this wearable sleep bag is lightweight and composed of breathable material. Machine washable for busy moms, this sack has easy and simple care. .

  • Safe, Cozy Design: Specially fashioned wearable sack creates a safe sleeping environment for your baby, eliminating the danger of loose blankets
  • Soft, Comfortable Fabric: 100% premium cotton interlock covers your baby in warm, cozy surroundings
  • Lightweight Construction: Smart sleeveless design prevents overheating
  • Baby Friendly Wearable Blanket: Bottom zipper for middle-of the-night diaper changes provides convenient comfort for your baby
  • Natural Care: Our 100% natural, machine washable fabric provides simple care and cleaning

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