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Ely’s & Co. Baby Wearable Blanket│Sleep Bag 2-Pack Set 

About the Product:

  • Wearable Blanket 2-Pack Set for Baby Girl includes 2 Wearable Blankets made of 100% High Quality Knit Cotton —TOG 0.5 — Machine Washable, Dryer Safe.
  • Loose blankets pose the risk of covering baby’s face and inhibiting their ability to breathe so we created wearable blankets as a safe and cozy bedtime alternative to prevent this potential safety hazard in baby’s sleep space.
  • We designed our comfortable and lightweight, sleeveless sleeping bag to keep your little girl warm and cozy while also reducing the risk of baby overheating. Our sleep solution helps to promote a longer, more sound night’s sleep while ensuring the safety of your precious baby.
  • This convenient two-pack features a super sweet tulip printed sleep bag in an earthy pink color, paired with a classic pin stripe design, made of the best interlock knit cotton. Adorably presented in a compact, gift-ready package, Ely’s & Co.’s Wearable Blanket Set is undoubtedly the quintessential baby shower gift and Baby Registry must-have and for the fashion-forward, safety-conscious modern mother. 


The Comfort and Convenience of 100% High Quality Cotton:

Ely’s & Co. uses only the highest quality, 100% Interlock Knit Cotton fabric to create super-soft and breathable baby essentials. Unlike fabric composed of synthetic fibers that can trap heat, our superior Quality Interlock Knit Cotton is composed from natural fibers, allowing baby’s delicate skin to breathe for a better night’s sleep. Not to mention, our 100% Interlock Knit Cotton requires minimal maintenance, naturally making our superior products easy to properly care for and laundry a breeze. With so many practical benefits for the precious baby in your life, you can naturally feel confident giving the priceless gift of a safe sleep environment.

A Safer Sleep Solution:

Loose blankets pose the potential risk of covering baby’s face and inhibiting their ability to breathe. We carefully designed our wearable blankets as a safe and cozy bedtime alternative to prevent this potential safety hazard in baby’s sleep space. This comfortable and lightweight, sleeveless sleep sack is designed to keep your little one warm and cozy while reducing the possible chance of baby overheating. Our sleep sack’s inverted zipper ensures an easy slip-on and slip-off, conveniently making those 3 AM diaper changes a breeze. Our sleep solution helps to promote a longer, more sound night’s sleep while ensuring the safety of your precious baby.

TOG Value of 0.5:

TOG measures transmission of heat fabrics to verify that baby sleeping covers do not exceed a maximum thermal resistance (typically 4 TOG), to avoid overheating. A TOG value of 0.5 typically provides just the right comfort for warmer seasons and climates as well as when layered with warmer sleepwear for cooler temperatures. A TOG value of 0.5 typically provides just the right level of comfort for warmer seasons and climates, and when layered with warmer sleepwear in cooler temperatures.

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