Changing Pad Cover | Cradle Sheet Set


2 Pack I Black and White Abstract Stripes and Dots


  • Soft, Breathable Fabric: 100% High Quality Jersey Knit Cotton Changing Pad Cover and Cradle Sheet
  • Lovely Design: Trendy & Clean Design, beautifully packaged Changing Pad Cover for gifting.
  • Fresh & Clean: Machine washable, lightweight material
  • Safe & Sound: Firm elastic band, with extra reinforcements for durability
  • Adjustable Fit: Fits Changing Pads and Cradle Mattress 36" X 18" as well as Graco Travel Lite Crib Mattresses. Dimensions: 32 x 16 x 5 inches

Soft and Breathable: 100% Jersey Cotton  Composed of 100% high quality Jersey knit cotton, our Changing Pad Cover and Cradle Sheet set is soft, lightweight and breathable, creating a cozy and welcoming sleep environment.

Adjustable Elasticity: Fits Multiple Mattress Sizes Ely’s & Co’s specially designed baby sheet set includes flexible, stretchable elastic, enabling a great fit and tight seal on most standard changing pads, as well as cradle mattresses size 36" x 18".

Sweet & Safe With all our baby sheets doubly reinforced with a thick, elastic band for extra safety, you can say goodbye to ill-fitting, bunched up sheets that are too loose or too tight. Our uniquely designed elastic creates a sweet, safe sleep environment for your precious bundle.

Magnificent Style: Modern & Neutral Perfect for a baby boy or girl, abstract stripe & circle drops is a beautiful black and white styled changing pad cover and cradle sheet set that is trendy and gender neutral! Containing two sheets, ribbons in a striped, edgy style and drops in a fun, polka dot look, this set beautifully packaging, making it a lovely present for a baby shower or celebration.

Stimulate Development: Capture your baby’s attention with high contrast, black and white patterns, proven through research to stimulate an infant’s vision (particularly age 0-4 months). As other colors are invisible to infants, black and white patterns send the strongest visual signals, strengthening your baby’s vision and enhancing brain development.

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